SVI PowerPlayer

Transform everyday 2D to eye-popping 3D

Spatial View's PowerPlayer is the most versatile 3D player available, displaying any rendered 3D material on any autostereoscopic display and stereoscopic display with glasses. Other than supporting Spatial View's 3D display, also supports a wide range of 3D displays in the market today (2 views, 5 views, 8 views, 2D+depth map etc.).

Download the fully functional 7 day trial, and explore for free. Use the Free Trial icon on the right.

SVI PowerPlayer also accepts raw 3D models saved in VRML 2.0 (VRML97) or OBJ formats, and can be viewed instantly and interactively in real time! Perfect solution for fast preview, or progressive check up on the designed work.

Software features

All standard video codecs supported by MS Windows (e.g. DivX, wmf, etc.) can be used.

The two formats, SideBySide (for 2-layer monitors) and SVI 3x3 (for multi-layer monitors), can also be compressed using any of the standard procedures without incurring any loss in auto-stereoscopic quality. These two formats are interlaced during playback -in real time -for the display selected.

Animations, video sequences, or still images in any of these following interlace formats and modes can also be processed:


  • Operating system: Windows® XP (Service Pack 3), Windows® Vista
  • Free hard-disk capacity: approx. 70 MB
  • Intel Pentium 4, at least 2.4 GHz (recommended: 3.0 GHz) or similar
  • Minimum 1 GB RAM (recommended: 2 GB RAM)
  • Nvidia GeForce FX 7800 or better, Radeon X1800 XT or better, with at least 128MB (recommended: 256MB), PixelShader Version 2.0
  • Stereo3D images or videos, 3D models (VRML/OBJ/3DS)

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Screenshot of SVI PowerPlayer
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Price: $349.00 USD