SVI Stereo 3D Exporter
for Adobe Flash®

Transform everyday 2D to eye-popping 3D

Creative users of Adobe Macromedia Flash® CS3 or CS4 can now enhance their graphics, videos, and animations, transforming ordinary 2D work into unique and convincing stereoscopic presentations. The striking results can be displayed auto-stereoscopically, or output in any stereo format including anaglyph (red/cyan glasses).

Impressive 3D presentations can be created, from simple objects to highly complex content, including pre-existing 2D Flash material. It's easy and hassle-free even for those with no experience in stereo photography.

Download the fully functional 7 day trial, and explore for free. Use the Free Trial icon on the right.

Imagine if your client only requires to have their logo pop out in 3D, instead of spending hours and hours, trying to model, texture, lighting the scene with 3D software, now you can simply place the 2D logo onto a separate layer from the background in Adobe Flash®, and render the file with our extension. That is all there to it.

The SVI Stereo 3D Exporter for Adobe Flash® is a 3D content creating solution delivering high quality results while requiring the least amount of labour hours, meeting client's demands for both quality and economy.


  • Adobe® Flash® CS3 or CS4
  • Operating system: Windows® XP, Windows® Vista, MacOS X 10.5
  • Free hard-disk capacity: approx. 5 MB

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Screenshot of SVI Stereo 3D Exporter for Adobe® Flash®
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Price: $99.00 USD