World Premiere of first glasses-free 3D movie trailer of the film Glenn the Flying Robot at BIFF

April 15, 2010 10:46 am

BRUSSELS, APRIL 15, 2010 – Singing Trees Entertainment selected Spatial View, a pioneer in Stereo 3D content delivery and auto-stereoscopic technologies to launch the first glasses-free 3D movie trailer at the Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival (BIFFF) on April 16th.

BIFFF attendees can view the movie trailer Glenn the Flying Robot in Stereo 3D on two Spatial View displays at the film premiere on April 16th. Glenn the Flying Robot is Singing Trees Entertainment’s first feature film after a successful foray producing short feature films and documentaries.

Spatial View dimensionalized the 2D movie trailer to Stereo 3D using their proprietary tools and technology for glasses-free viewing.

Ihor Petelycky, Director, Stereo 3D Imaging Products, Spatial View says, “We have the knowledge and technology to provide 2D to 3D conversion, multi-view generation and advanced interlacing technology to create high quality and compelling Stereo 3D content. We are working towards a highly automated system to provide premium, fast and cost effective 2D to 3D conversion.”

“3D versus 2D is more of a technical choice than a decision guided by the storyline of a film,” says Marc Goldstein, Writer, Producer and Director, Glenn the Flying Robot. “What matters is the story. However, even if you chose to, shooting 3D is an option that only a handful can afford currently. When I discovered that Spatial View was able to convert 2D content into 3D content, I was extremely excited. I contacted them immediately and I soon discovered that not only do they work by the highest standards, but that they do their very best and work incredibly hard to deliver what they committed to.”

Download and view the 2D movie trailer located below the media contact information or view it at YouTube.

Spatial View will be launching 3DeeCentral this summer – the first Stereo 3D content licensing and distribution platform for mobile and PC viewing. 3D enthusiasts and creative professionals will be able to view and interact with compelling Stereo 3D content in the home or on the move with their mobile, laptop and desktop devices. “Spatial View is the partner-of-choice to bring the Stereo 3D experience to a much broader audience,” adds Petelycky.

The Glenn the Flying Robot movie trailer will be available for free download at Spatial View's forthcoming 3DeeCentral site.

About Spatial View

Spatial View Inc. is a pioneer in stereo 3D content delivery and auto-stereoscopic technologies. As the source of high quality stereo 3D content, technology and products, Spatial View delivers the best viewing experience on a wide variety of 3D enabled platforms. The company makes the 3D experience accessible, affordable, versatile and inspiring. Established in 2004, Spatial View is headquartered in Toronto with offices in San Francisco, Dresden and Brussels.

About Singing Trees Entertainment

Established in 2006, Singing Trees Entertainment is a film company dedicated to producing feature films with a compelling story line. Two science fiction feature film projects are currently being developed by the company.

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Media Contacts

Donna Teggart
Spatial View Inc.
Tel. 416 402 7035

Marc Goldstein
Singing Trees Entertainment
Tel. + 32 474 23 69 99

Download a 2D trailer here:
Glenn the Flying Robot formatted for iPhone
Glenn the Flying Robot formatted for PC or Mac, .m4v
Glenn the Flying Robot formatted for PC, .wmv