Spatial View’s 3DeeShell For 3D Experience on the iPhone 3G Now Available

April 21, 2009 4:57 pm

New Free 3D iPhone App Game, 3DeeHunter, and Facebook Application Join
Wazabee’s Growing Suite of 3D iPhone Products and Applications

TORONTO, CANApril 22, 2009 — Spatial View Inc., a leading developer of 3D image processing and autostereoscopic display technologies, today announced that its Wazabee™ 3DeeShell, which enables 3D viewing of content on the iPhone® 3G and was introduced at Macworld 2009, is now globally available for purchase. Additionally, the Company has launched Hunter3Dee, a free 3D top-down space shooter game, and 3DeeFriends, a free Facebook application that lets users create and share 3D photos with friends. With the Wazabee
3DeeShell and 3D applications, iPhone users can now capture, view, edit, experience and share content in vivid 3D.

The 3DeeShell is a protective case with a removable lens that enables glasses-free viewing of multimedia 3D content on Apple’s iPhone 3G. Priced at $49.99 / 49,99 €, the Wazabee 3DeeShell is available for purchase at To help customers get started, Wazabee offers other free multimedia 3D content at

Hunter3Dee is a free 3D top-down space shooter game for the iPhone that can be viewed in both 3D and 2D. In the game, participants fight through two zones and six levels. 3DeeFriends allows users to upload 3D photos to their Facebook photo albums with settings that allow viewing in multiple 3D modes. This way, users can view 3D Facebook content on their iPhone using the 3DeeShell or on their computer with 3D glasses. Hunter3Dee and 3DeeFriends join Wazabee’s current suite of applications for the iPhone including: 3DeeCamera, 3Dee!oader, and
3DeeVUsion and are available for download from the Apple iPhone App Store.

"The Wazabee line of consumer 3D products is leading the consumer 3D revolution through placing portable, high quality 3D technology into the hands of iPhone users without the need for glasses," said Beat Raemy, CEO of Spatial View. "Until now, 3D has been an experience confined to a stationary screen. However, with the arrival of the 3DeeShell, Hunter3Dee, 3DeeFriends, and other Wazabee applications, anyone with an iPhone can now actively create, view, edit, engage in, and share 3D content from anywhere."

To support third party development of Wazabee 3D applications for the iPhone 3G, Spatial View will soon be introducing a Wazabee software developer kit to create even more exciting 3D applications that work with the Wazabee suite of 3D products.

About Spatial View, Inc./Wazabee Products
Spatial View, Inc. (SVI) is a pioneer in 3D image processing and autostereoscopic displays. Headquartered in Toronto, Canada, Spatial View has offices in San Francisco, Hong Kong and Dresden. With the registered consumer brand Wazabee, the international team develops products that transcend the boundaries of 2D imaging, opening new dimensions and interactive solutions in medicine, engineering, advertising, gaming and entertainment. The company’s vision is to make 3D more accessible, affordable, versatile, and inspiring. With the SVI family of software and a variety of high quality glasses-free 3D displays, Spatial View offers a wealth of adaptable solutions enabling the presentation of 3D rich content of all types for specialty as well as the consumer mass market. The Wazabee line of products and applications includes: 3DeeShell, 3DeeFlector, 19-inch-Gaming Display, 3DeeCamera, 3DeeVUsion, 3Dee!oader, Hunter 3Dee, and 3DeeFriends. For more information, please visit

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