Improved 3D User Experience through Eye-Tracking Technology in Auto-Stereoscopic Displays

September 15, 2011 9:00 am

WHO: Ihor Petelysky, GM of core technology and applications at Spatial View, will initiate a 45-minute discussion as a part of the 3D User Entertainment Technical Summit (3D-UETS) on Sept. 22, 2011

WHERE: Hollywood and Highland Center, Hollywood, C.A.

WHEN: 10:50 AM PST, Thursday, Sept. 22

WHAT: Is 3D on the tipping point? When will 3D be mainstream? Ihor Petelycky will discuss the current limitations of stereoscopic and auto-stereoscopic displays on PC and mobile devices and their impact on user experience. Ihor will delve into the evolution of eye and gaze-tracking technology and its advantages and disadvantages in auto-stereoscopic display applications.

In addition, Ihor will demonstrate an implementation of eye-tracking in Spatial View’s 3DeeScreen solution and talk about the challenges of implementing eye-tracking on 3D enabled mobile devices and auto-stereoscopic displays.

About Ihor Petelycky
Ihor Petelycky is the general manager of core technology and applications at Spatial View. Ihor has spoken or presented at numerous conferences and trade shows and he has won several industry awards.
About Spatial View
Spatial View Inc. is a leading innovator in stereo 3D content creation and auto-stereoscopic display technologies, making the world’s 3D experience accessible, affordable, and compelling. Founded in 2004, Spatial View provides software, services, and accessories for the creation, adaptation, and viewing of stereo 3D content on a variety of mobile devices, PCs, and internet-connected TVs. Headquartered in Toronto, Canada, Spatial View also has offices in the United States and Belgium.

About the 3D User Entertainment Technical Summit
The 3D-UETS is a conference designed to assist those in the production pipeline in understanding the research results and applying them to their craft.

During the Summit, attendees will: Listen to and discuss the latest research into human factors, including that done in other 3D hot spots around the world. Build an understanding of how the research will be applied to 3D content creation. Network with the global 3D community under the International 3D Fair umbrella. Attend social opportunities that will advance technical knowledge. See the latest 3D products and the companies who are developing them.