3DeeCentral - The Go-To Destination for Stereo 3D Content

January 6, 2011 1:52 pm

3DeeCentral - The Go-To Destination for Stereo 3D Content

JustCause3D, tree-D films and More Join 3DeeCentral

CES, Las Vegas, January 6, 2011 - 3DeeCentral, the online source for stereo 3D content, makes it easy for anyone who has a 3D PC, mobile or internet connected device to view 3D images and videos. Spatial View announced today that 3DeeCentral is live. Companies including JustCause3D, tree-D films, 21stCentury3D, Dzignlight Studios, Glass Eye Pix, Lumen Actus, and Original SINE have partnered with Spatial View to make 3D content readily available everywhere.

Al Lopez, COO at Spatial View said, "The biggest barrier for 3D technology in the past has been the lack of stereo 3D content. Spatial View is actively pursuing partnerships with content providers to add to our growing list of titles."

Spatial View has licensed content from over 20 independent 3D filmmakers worldwide bringing the total to over 100 titles. Content genres include adventure, animation, music videos, nature, travel, sports and science fiction.

With the release of 3DeeCentral, content providers are thrilled to finally be able to showcase their work to as many people as possible. Some content is free while much of the content is priced at $1.99 and $2.99, making it easily accessible to everyone.

Getting 3D To The Masses

"The pioneering efforts of Spatial View to bring 3D content to consumers at an easy and affordable cost will ensure that 3D is cemented into entertainment standards," said Jason Chen, Director and Stereographer at JustCause3D. "Getting 3D content distributed to the masses has never been easier."

With its user-friendly interface, 3DeeCentral is an ideal way for content providers to introduce new audiences to their work.

"The online distribution experts at Spatial View make it easy to scan 3DeeCentral, see a broad range of content, possibly choose something they didn't even know existed, and view it immediately on their device," commented Thomas P. Riederer, Executive Producer at tree-D films. "The displays are there, our content is there and the viewers are there. Spatial View brings all three together."

Spatial View manages the content adaptation to ensure it is viewed properly across all display devices. This is a significant benefit to content providers who do not have to develop and maintain versions for different devices.

Visit www.3DeeCentral.com

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