Spatial View Announces 3DeeCentral

September 15, 2010 10:30 am

3D Summit, Los Angeles, September 15, 2010 – Spatial View announces 3DeeCentral, an online store of stereo 3D content offering videos and images available this fall. The popularity of 3D films such as Avatar has generated widespread consumer demand for 3D content. Spatial View is addressing this demand by providing 3D content for consumers on the Internet across a wide range of 3D enabled PCs and mobile devices.

3DeeCentral will consist of a growing library of free and paid stereo 3D content for 3D enabled PCs and mobile devices. The 3DeeCentral apps for 3D enabled PCs and mobile devices will be available later this year.

Spatial View showcased the technology to over 700 industry professionals at 3D Entertainment Summit in Los Angeles this week. "The recent popularity of 3D movies has created demand for stereo 3D on a variety of personal devices including 3D enabled PCs and mobile devices," said Al Lopez, COO at Spatial View. "Whether it is to view 3D movie trailers, 3D photos and images, or other stereo 3D videos, Spatial View is making it possible."

World-renowned Canadian 3D Director and founder of Geneva Films Co. James Stewart commented, "The adoption of 3D technology continues to grow in stature on movie screens, in the home, on computers and mobile devices. 3DeeCentral will extend 3D far beyond today’s current medium to deliver content to everyone, everywhere."

"We will periodically add 3D content to 3DeeCentral including support for additional 3D enabled mobile and PC devices," Lopez added. "3DeeCentral is well positioned to become the recognized leader for stereo 3D content on the Internet and the "go-to" destination for consumers looking for compelling 3D content."

Spatial View will manage the content adaptation to ensure it is viewed properly across all display devices. This is of significant benefit to content providers who will not have to develop and maintain versions for different devices and establish relationships with a variety of companies to make their content available on 3D devices.

3D Goes Mainstream

Here are global statistics indicating the unprecedented growth in stereo 3D:

Theatrical Releases of 3D Movies:

  • 167 released to date and growing

  • 96 in production and scheduled for release in 2010/2011

  • 7,000 new 3D cinema screens to be installed in 2010

  • 9,000 screens will be installed in 2011

* Forecasted Sales of 3D Enabled TVs:

  • Over 3 million in 2010

  • 10M to be sold in 2011, 50M in 2015

** Forecasted Growth in 3D Notebooks and Mobile Phones:

  • 3D notebooks will grow from 66,000 units in 2009 to 17.7 million in 2018

  • 71 million mobile phones with 3D capability will ship by 2018

About Spatial View

Spatial View Inc. is a pioneer in stereo 3D content delivery and auto-stereoscopic display technologies. As the source of high quality stereo 3D content, technology and products, Spatial View delivers the best viewing experience on a wide variety of 3D enabled PC and mobile devices. The company makes the 3D experience accessible, affordable, versatile and inspiring. Established in 2004, Spatial View is headquartered in Toronto with offices in San Francisco, Dresden and Brussels.

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** Display Research