3DeeCentral To Provide Stereo 3D Content To Meet Growing Demand From 3D Enabled Devices

September 15, 2010 10:20 am

Los Angeles, September 15, 2010 – Spatial View Inc. today announced 3DeeCentral, an online store of stereo 3D content for viewing images and videos on 3D enabled PCs and mobile devices available this fall. Companies including Telcast, Passmore Labs, Vidimensio, Lo Coloco Films and Big I Entertainment have joined Spatial View to make stereo 3D content available to everyone, everywhere. Spatial View unveiled 3DeeCentral at 3D Entertainment Summit in Los Angeles on September 15-16.

A dedicated team at Spatial View is focused on recruiting 3D content partners worldwide and securing distribution rights for 3D enabled PCs and mobile devices. As the catalogue of 3D content grows, Spatial View will periodically add 3D content to 3DeeCentral including content for additional 3D enabled devices.

Al Lopez, COO at Spatial View said, "We manage the content adaptation to ensure it displays properly across all display devices. This is a significant benefit to content providers who do not have to develop and maintain versions for different devices and establish relationships with a variety of companies to make their content available on their 3D devices." Spatial View expects to add client apps for new 3D enabled devices as they come to market such as 3D smartphones and a growing list of 3D enabled PCs.

"Telcast is the leading provider of the most effective 3D system for terrestrial broadcasters for the past 15 years," stated Thomas Hohenacker, CEO at Telcast. "We are proud to collaborate with the 3DeeCentral team to have our 3D content accessible in a different viewing technology and to participate in an exciting era of 3D gadget users. Spatial View is the technology leader to partner with to get our content sold across a variety of 3D enabled devices."

"Vidimensio joined 3DeeCentral for its array of compelling stereo 3D content. 3DeeCentral’s content adaptation pipeline is specifically designed to address the issues related to content scaling and image/stereo 3D quality ensuring consumers will enjoy the best viewing experience," commented Tzolt Tamasi, CEO at Vidimensio.

Lopez added, "All content is encrypted to protect it from unauthorized use, and can only be viewed on designated licensed clients using Spatial View's software. Content is automatically adapted for the target display device using Spatial View's proprietary technology."

3DeeCentral supports auto-stereoscopic technologies as well as active and passive glasses-based stereo 3D solutions, and over time will offer the most comprehensive coverage of platforms. Spatial View is establishing 3DeeCentral as a recognized leader for 3D content on the Internet and the "go-to" destination for consumers looking for 3D content.

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