About Us

Who We Are

Spatial View Inc. is a leading innovator in stereo 3D content creation and auto-stereoscopic display technologies, making the world’s 3D experience accessible, affordable, and compelling. Founded in 2004, Spatial View provides software, services, and accessories for the creation, adaptation, and viewing of stereo 3D content on a variety of mobile devices, PCs, and internet-connected TVs. Headquartered in Toronto, Canada, Spatial View also has offices in the United States and Belgium.

Stereo 3D: An Exhilarating Experience

As the craze for 3D has grown mainstream, Spatial View has been at the forefront developing and selling innovative technologies to film, broadcast, gaming, music, education and government industries.

The advent of glasses-free 3D

3D TVs have entered the market and some cable TV companies are planning to introduce 3D cable channels. However, these early entrants into the 3D home theatre market still require that you wear special glasses. It will be some time before the technology advances to deliver glasses-free 3D in the home theatre. Spatial View has developed two removable screens that enable you to experience 3D content: 3DeeSlide for the Apple iPhone and 3DeeScreen for laptops with 15.6" screens.

3D Photography

With the introduction of digital stereo cameras, photography will never be the same. Imagine looking into the LCD screen of your digital camera and seeing the scene you're about to shoot in 3D, with all the depth and realism that exists in the real world. Now imagine sharing those photos in auto-stereographic 3D on a variety of devices like your mobile, laptops or desktop. Spatial View's solutions make that possible.

Spatial View is also working on technology to bring those images to life in print and in digital picture frames. With Spatial View's technology, stereo pictures will be processed to deliver the greatest depth and smoothest 3D experience on print and digital picture frames. The advent of digital stereo photography will usher in a new age in when you'll look at a photo album and wonder why those old pictures look so flat.

The Next Wave of Visualization Technology

The world of digital visualization is changing. Stereo 3D is here now and gaining momentum. Just as we transitioned from viewing black and white TV to color TV and now High Definition TV, we're on the cusp of the next great transition to stereo 3D. The world as we see it through digital media will never look the same.