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Lenovo Thinkpad series laptops tested and now officially supported are the T520 with an HD (1366x720) display, the W620 FHD (1920x1080) display and the W520 HD Plus (1600x900) display. This is the first HD Plus display qualified to be compatible with the 3DeeScreen. Spatial View will continue to work with manufacturers to qualify laptop models to provide our customers with the best auto-stereoscopic user experience.

To learn more, visit our 3DeeScreen product page.

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3DeeCentral is now available for free on the iTunes App Store, Android Market and LG Cinema Smart 3D TV.

Spatial View Blog

Remote Desktop: The Best Way to Connect Different PCs


You might have heard of a remote desktop application introduced in Windows XP and Windows Vista. This remote desktop application is meant to connect 2 different computers on a same network. Rather, the process is a bit different. You get connected to the other person's computer in the same network and for that you need two things; first you should Purchase RDP Purchase RDP and then need to know the name of the computer or it's ip address and the other thing you need is the permission from the user whose computer you are trying to connect to. In other words, you will need to have the account username and the password to connect to that computer.

Although, this application seemed to be pretty good in the beginning but eventually it failed. There were many limitations like the connection process was slow, the features provided were not as good as provided by other similar applications, also there were some connectivity issues with remote desktop application.

Therefore, I am going to tell you about a new application that is compact and better in performance as compared to remote desktop connection embedded in windows operating system. It's called CrossLoop; you can download the application by searching for the same on Google. It's trustworthy and proves to be useful when you are trying to give computer advice on the phone or via e-mail and it turns out to be frustrating when the person that needs help always ends up with no help at all, just a lot of misplaced information.

A quite and simple application such as CrossLoop should fix this big misunderstanding and help your friend actually get your help. Of course, the application would have to be installed on their computer as well.

Open you CrossLoop copy and start hosting a session. Enter your name and below the code your friend has set, so you can access their PC.

Copy the same access code and paste it also in the previous Tab, then come back to this one and try to click on Connect.

The person that needs help will see a screen as showed blow. Call them so they don't get worried and advice them to accept if they really want your help.

On their screen, the following window will appear. It's a small incompatibility problem common in Windows Vista, they will just have to click unblock.

If everything is done according to the procedure as they should have done, you will now be able to see their PC from your house.

Laptop Cooling Review: Find the Best Laptop Coolers and Solve Laptop Overheating Woes


Cooling for laptops is always a smart idea. There is every reason in the world to buy laptop coolers--from preventing laptop overheating to avoiding lap burns--and very few reasons not to (mainly just the fact that they aren't free). But jumping in and purchasing a laptop cooler without first browsing a laptop cooling review or two is a recipe for disappointment. That's why there are most endorsed laptops under $600 right now most endorsed laptops under $600 right now. It's best to evaluate options first to make sure the best laptop cooler available is sitting under that overheating laptop, instead of some cheap and clunky knock-off. Rest assured that this laptop cooling review details some of the best laptop coolers available.

What Options Are Available When It Comes to Cooling for Laptops?

There are two basic types of laptop cool pads: ventilation cooling, sometimes called passive cooling, and USB powered fan cooling, also known as active cooling.

Although USB powered fan cooling for laptops is generally considered more effective than ventilation cooling, users will want to keep in mind that that extra power comes only at an extra cost to the battery life of a laptop. Anyone wanting to use their laptop power cord-free will probably want to look into a passive cooler; others may want the extra cooling power of an active cooler, powered through a USB port.

Best Overall Cooling for Laptops

Most laptop users will be happy with Antec's tried-and-true USB Powered Fan Notebook Cooler. Sure to keep most users' laptops happily chilled, especially while sitting on a desk, it has many other great features, too:

  • Simple two-fan design (powered by one of the laptop's USB ports)
  • High and low speed setting (both are pretty quiet)
  • Made of ultra-cool aluminum for maximum heat dissipation and sturdiness and minimal weight
  • USB power cable has a pass-through port, so none of the laptop's available USB ports are used up
  • Rubber grips on the bottom for extra traction on a flat surface
  • Shape allows for extra passive cooling or ventilation cooling
  • Low profile design for portability
  • Quality brand with 3-year warranty
  • Low price (about $20)

Best Cooling for Laptops Resting on the Lap

The best cooler for avoiding thigh burns is one that's a little bit wider than the standard Antec desk cooler, the Antec Unbeatable Notebook Cooler 200 or the Xpad, for those seeking a laptop cooler that uses the ventilation cooling principle. Alternatively, look for one even wider with room for a small mouse to the side.

Best Cooling for Laptops for Users on the Go

Hands down, the most portable laptop cooler is the passive cooler designed by ThermaPAK, which consists of a pad filled with specially-designed heat-dissipating crystals. This little cooler can be rolled up to use only minimal bag space, leaving room for other cool gadgets.

However, it does have one significant disadvantage that prevents it from surpassing other laptop coolers on this list: prolonged use (several hours) will heat the crystals inside, meaning users will get diminishing returns on their cooling, and eventually, after many hours of use, it may offer no cooling at all.

Best Cooling for Laptops for Gamers and Enthusiasts

Those looking for a laptop cooler with a little extra "oomph," should find that the USB powered Zalman Ultra Quiet Notebook Cooler suits their needs. Its price is a little steeper than some of the other offerings, but it more than makes up for that in extra cooling power.

Keep in mind, however, that laptops with a bottom fan exhaust (blowing hot air out)--included in some gaming and high-performance laptops--will be hampered, not helped, by most USB powered fan coolers, because fan coolers don't allow the hot air exhaust to function properly. Laptops with bottom fan exhausts will do best with a simple raised ventilation cooling platform, like the Xpad.

Best Cooling for Laptops for Creative Types

Those easily entertained by brightly-colored objects or who have creative sides may want to check out the Thermaltake Massive23 Aluminum Notebook Cooler. This laptop cooler has only one 230mm fan, and users can choose their favorite color: blue, red, green, or all three at once for a rainbow effect. It also cools pretty well too.

How to download pictures to your Sony PlayStation Portable (PSP)?


Downloading pictures to your Sony PlayStation Portable (PSP) is quite an easy task. You will need a laptop or desktop PC with at least 1 USB Hub, PS4 Cameras PS4 Cameras, a USB cable to connect your PSP and the PC, a Memory Stick Duo and of course, your Sony PSP.

Before you begin to connect your PSP to your laptop, you will need to verify that your Memory Stick Duo is working properly. If it is a new Memory Stick Duo, a "format" is required. You can easily do so by following these steps:

  • Insert the Memory Stick Duo into your PSP.
  • Go to Home -> Settings -> System Settings -> Format Memory Stick.
  • It will only take a while for the PSP to format the Memory Stick Duo and it is a one time process.

After ensuring the Memory Stick Duo is in the right format, grab the USB cable and connect your PSP to the PC (laptop or desktop PC). Once connected, follow the steps below.

  • Go to Settings menu.
  • Select USB Connect. Your PSP will show that it is trying to connect to the PC. At the same time, your PC should be showing a new removable drive. If this is the first time you attempt to connect to the PC, a "New Hardware Found" message will appear. All you need to do is to wait a while for the operating system (Windows) to recognize the PSP as a removable drive.
  • Once identified, you can start accessing the memory stick from the My Computer. It should appear as a Removable Disk, much like a USB Thumb Drive. As a matter of fact, the memory stick acts like a USB Thumb Drive.
  • Double click the Removable Disk and you will see a few folders such as MP_ROOT, MUSIC, PICTURE, PSP and VIDEO. This is the folder structure created by the PSP when you formatted the memory stick.
  • Double click on PSP and then PHOTO. You have arrived at the destination where you can store all your picture files. You can create folders to organize your photos. However, PSP only allows 1 layer of subdirectories within the PHOTO folder. For example, you can create a folder called FAMILY inside the PHOTO folder, but you cannot create a SISTER folder inside the FAMILY folder.

That is all for the difficult part. Are you expecting something more difficult? The easy part starts now.

You can now start copying the picture files into it. In your PSP, there will be an animated line showing the PSP is transferring something. Once the animation stops, it means the transfer has been completed. You can press Back (it could be either X or O depending on the region of the PSP) to return to the Settings.

You are free to remove the USB cable from the PC now. No need for the typical ejecting of removable drives which is required for USB Thumb Drive.

In order to view your downloaded pictures, you can go to Photo in your PSP. Browse to the Memory Stick and select on it. The PSP will also show you how much space you have left in your memory stick. Once you have selected the Memory Stick, you will be able to view your picture files with your PSP. Select on a particular picture file will allow you to view the picture in full screen mode. You can also set your PSP's wallpaper here or choose to delete the picture files from the memory stick.

It is not that difficult after all. The entire process should only take 10 minutes or less. Hope it helps.

How to Choose the Best Coffee Beans


Apple Watch Fitness Tracking, Apple Watch vs. Fitbit

Good news: Based on two initial tests, on two different series 6 apple watch bands series 6 apple watch bands, Apple new smartwatch’s heart-rate monitoring is more accurate than any other wristband tracker I’ve tested so far.

Example: During a 55-minute powerwalk on the hilly streets of San Francisco, Apple Watch’s heart-rate reading was never more than about 8 beats per minute (bpm) higher or lower than the Polar H7 chest strap’s reading. Consumer Reports and The Wall Street Journal have both deemed Polar’s strap the most accurate among consumer heart-rate monitors, so I’m using it as my basis of comparison these days. (I don’t have a portable EKG device. Sorry.)

Even when Apple Watch’s heart-rate reading differed from Polar’s, it never lasted longer than, say, 10 seconds—even during peak cardio. Other activity trackers I’ve tested have differed by as much as 20 bpm during sweaty exercise and often stayed elevated until I started cooling down.

Also, Apple Watch (via its Activity app) said my average heart rate for the session was 116 bpm—exactly the same as what the Polar strap registered (and displayed in Polar’s iOS app). I noticed a big difference in the calories I burned, however, with Apple Watch giving me credit for only 395 vs. 516 from Polar.

Granted, I’ve only exercised with Apple Watch twice so far. And I’ve not had a chance to wear it while using the gym treadmill yet. I’ll update this post once I do.


I finally tested Apple Watch’s heart-rate monitoring while exercising on a treadmill. I compared the watch’s reading to the Polar strap’s. Apple Watch only differed from Polar by about 3 bpm at at any given time, compared to about 8 bpm difference when I was exercising outside. What’s up with that?

On a treadmill, my pace is much more consistent than it is when I’m walking up and down San Francisco hilly streets. And the greater consistency in stride means the heart-rate readings don’t have to adjust as much. That’s my theory, at least, on why Apple Watch heart-rate readings were almost always identical to the Polar strap’s readings while I was on a treadmill.

How Accurate is Apple Watch Heart-Rate Monitoring?

Apple Watch Heart-Rate Monitoring

Apple Watch Fitness Tracking, Apple Watch vs. Fitbit

Good news: Based on two initial tests, on two different series 6 apple watch bands series 6 apple watch bands, Apple new smartwatch’s heart-rate monitoring is more accurate than any other wristband tracker I’ve tested so far.

Example: During a 55-minute powerwalk on the hilly streets of San Francisco, Apple Watch’s heart-rate reading was never more than about 8 beats per minute (bpm) higher or lower than the Polar H7 chest strap’s reading. Consumer Reports and The Wall Street Journal have both deemed Polar’s strap the most accurate among consumer heart-rate monitors, so I’m using it as my basis of comparison these days. (I don’t have a portable EKG device. Sorry.)

Even when Apple Watch’s heart-rate reading differed from Polar’s, it never lasted longer than, say, 10 seconds—even during peak cardio. Other activity trackers I’ve tested have differed by as much as 20 bpm during sweaty exercise and often stayed elevated until I started cooling down.

Also, Apple Watch (via its Activity app) said my average heart rate for the session was 116 bpm—exactly the same as what the Polar strap registered (and displayed in Polar’s iOS app). I noticed a big difference in the calories I burned, however, with Apple Watch giving me credit for only 395 vs. 516 from Polar.

Granted, I’ve only exercised with Apple Watch twice so far. And I’ve not had a chance to wear it while using the gym treadmill yet. I’ll update this post once I do.


I finally tested Apple Watch’s heart-rate monitoring while exercising on a treadmill. I compared the watch’s reading to the Polar strap’s. Apple Watch only differed from Polar by about 3 bpm at at any given time, compared to about 8 bpm difference when I was exercising outside. What’s up with that?

On a treadmill, my pace is much more consistent than it is when I’m walking up and down San Francisco hilly streets. And the greater consistency in stride means the heart-rate readings don’t have to adjust as much. That’s my theory, at least, on why Apple Watch heart-rate readings were almost always identical to the Polar strap’s readings while I was on a treadmill.

The Ultimate Beginners Guide on 3D Photography


Many individuals aspire to become professional photographers with https://infphoto.com/best-lenses-for-nikon-d3200/ https://infphoto.com/best-lenses-for-nikon-d3200/ while others do it just as a hobby. In this era where technology is widespread, it is not difficult to pursue that field. Besides, numerous devices on the market can help you improve your photography skills.

Alongside this is the development of new styles like 3D photography that has transformed the world of photography. If you are new to 3D photography, here are some things that you should know about creating 3D images.

How to Capture 3D Pictures

Traditionally, 3D pictures are achieved by taking two images that angled differently to create that 3D effect. But nowadays, there are different approaches to capture the desired 3D photo.

One method involves moving the camera sideways just between shots. This technique is applicable if you want to take on objects that are not moving. Another is for 3D action shot where two cameras are set up so that the angle to be taken at the same time.

After capturing the photos, the next step is the editing process. This will take time to finish as it requires careful decisions and proper alignment of the images to get the right depth and angle.

Techniques to Display a 3D Image

There are a variety of ways to display 3D pictures. Some display methods are just easy to make and do not cost much compared to others. One method of displaying 3D image is using Photoshop and adding a red and cyan tint to each image. The audiences can then use 3D glasses to view the photo in 3D.

The other technique is the wiggle 3D. In this style, the images seem to wiggle portraying the 3D effect. This can be done by making a GIF run forward and backward the many angles of the picture.

3D Photography Equipment

Here are pieces of equipment that you need to make your 3D shooting successful.

  • Photography Lighting kits

Light is a very important part of 3D photography. For this reason, photography and photography lighting kits go hand in hand. This will define the depth and the shadow of your object, which are critical in making a 3D effect. You can use the lighting kits to adjust the right amount of light you need especially if the place is dark. Additionally, it sets the tone of your photos.

  • 3D Photo Cameras

Any cameras can be used for 3D photography. But if you are looking for high-quality pictures, you need to invest in a top-notch camera. A good 3D camera should possess a quality sensor and the ISO must have a large range for detailed takes. Even camera phones are now embedded with dual cameras.

  • Tripod

Using a tripod is beneficial to capture the best 3D photos. It is important in ensuring that you still achieve the right height and frame while moving the camera. Also, it would be better if the tripod has dual camera mounts to take the different angles of the object at the same time.


Taking 3D photos seems difficult especially for beginners. But once you get the hang of it with practice, it will be easier to get quality 3D photos. Use the above tips to improve your skills and never be afraid to take risks or experiment with your photography skills. Eventually, you will become a professional 3D photographer.

What Is 3D Gaming? A Beginner’s Guide


When gaming started to become popular, it was just a distinctive form of home entertainment. For several years, according to https://map.genshinpact.com https://map.genshinpact.com, gaming has grown to achieve a wider audience resulting in unexpected mainstream appeal. This success can be attributed to a few technological innovations, including the transition from 2D games to the most recent releases with photorealistic 3D graphics.

There are many visually striking games one should not miss out on, such as the PlayStation-exclusive uncharted series, the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild for Nintendo Switch, and Genshin Impact, an open-world action role-playing game available for PCs, home consoles, and smartphone.

If you are just getting started with gaming, you might wonder what the specific definition of 3D gaming is in its essence and how this technology came to be. Read on to learn more.

The Definition of 3D Gaming

3D gaming is described as an interactive form of computer entertainment featuring visuals presented in three dimensions: width, height, and depth. Additionally, it may also refer to playing certain video games that display realistic-looking 3D graphics.

The Evolution of 3D Games

The roots of 3D gaming can be traced back to the 1980s when 2D was the standard in video games. Two professionals, David Braben and Ian Bell created what would eventually become among the first-ever 3D video games in history. In September 1984, they released the highly influential Elite, a space trading game with combat simulation elements.

As an early 3D game, Elite features multiple wireframe models that were hailed groundbreaking at that time. The 3D wireframe models were simply made from lines and vertices, and did not have shading. At times these models could be seen through.

Around the early 1990s, remarkable improvements in 3D took place. During this time, Bethesda Softworks signed a deal with the Hemdale Film Corporation to create a video game adaptation of The Terminator, the first movie in the entire series.

The Terminator video game was released in July 1991 and had flat-shaded polygons and roughly 20,000 3D objects. Although this game's graphics were substandard as opposed to contending graphics such an accomplishment, they were still regarded as impressive for having pushed the limitations of computer hardware at that time.

About a year later, in 1992, another significant title helped popularize 3D graphics to soaring heights. In May of the same year, Id Software released what most enthusiasts term as a 2.5D game: Wolfenstein 3D.

Also known as a pseudo-3D first-person shooter, Wolfenstein was developed using a rudimentary game engine created by programmer John Carmack. The game showcased animated 2D sprites for various assets, particularly enemies.

The rise of popularity in 3D grew consistently when Id Software's Quake was released in June 1996.

Highly dubbed as the developer's first-ever 3D game, Quake presented numerous huge technological advancements in video game graphics. These important changes consisted of 3D models with full-color textures, complete real-time rendering, and particle effects.

Since the release of Quake in the mid-1990s to critical acclaim, the 3D gaming landscape has transformed dramatically. It was during this period that competing and upcoming video games achieved rising graphical fidelity. Additionally, after the creation and development of graphics processing units (GPU), several other technological features in 3D were included.


With the breakthrough in 3D gaming over the years, VR gaming has greatly become popular. This is also thanks to the recent development of virtual reality headsets and similar systems.

New Virtual Reality Tool Explores The Bitcoin Blockchain In 3D


One of the worst things about teaching is explaining to a person urgently without the capability to convey your thoughts effectively. That is because most people tend to understand the concept by click here and visual way. A concept, idea, or theory seems unrecognizable due to being unable to grasp the true meaning or the actual situation. 

Visual aids are important and that is why animation seems effective. But imagine teaching a person about bitcoin, blockchains, and all related to them; it seems hard, right? And the chance that you will get the audience’s attention is when the topic of money is highlighted. Other than that, everything seems blurry but thankfully, virtual reality can be applicable. 

Uses Of Virtual Reality

Virtual reality tools are bound to happen. The ideas have been thrown for decades in science fiction and the thirst for simulation has always been one of the main concepts being focused on developing technological devices and software. For now, virtual reality consoles are being marketed to the masses as tools for gaming.

However, the hype was not lived up since most gamers are not that attracted to immersing all senses in a game. As much as they want to focus, they need to feel that they are still grounded by reality and the bird’s eye view on most camera angles of 2D games is already proof of that. Even if virtual reality gaming didn’t seem what it was expected, it can be used for educational purposes. 

Kevin Small, a British developer, has created a platform to depict bitcoin and all related concepts in a virtual reality called ‘Blockchain 3D Explorer’. Although is yet to be finalized, the current model is running great. Kevin aims to let anyone view what happens in a bitcoin blockchain. 

How Virtual Reality Is Used For Explaining Bitcoin

Traditional charts and graphs are not convincing enough to explain all about bitcoin. Through Kevin’s Blockchain 3D Explorer, the user can view all related data in an organized 3D format. One can trace the bitcoins’ flow along with its blockchain and the state of your sold bitcoins, and monitor the bitcoin whales’ holdings. 

The information presented not only aims to let the user be informed but also improves the understanding of investment and withdrawing / spending bitcoin. The software can be freely downloaded and is operational for Android, Windows, Linux, and Mac. Although it is not yet a finished product, it can already work in VR with Google Cardboard.

When the program is initially started, you will be presented with options in viewing or selecting a transaction or address specifically. Bitcoin addresses will be represented as red cubes; the transactions will be shown as blue spheres, and the inputs/outputs will appear as arrows. 

As you click on a particular item, you will be able to access such information. You might get immerse from the amount of learning you can get and makes you forget that your VR console even has games. 


The concepts about bitcoin are not that easy to be conveyed. It has become more understandable thanks to the usage of virtual reality. With this development, it might open more doors in using the technology on various learning procedures. 

3D Gaming: The Perks and How-To’s


What is 3D gaming? According to fatalityservers.com, it is not just playing with the use of the ordinary, basic graphics of a game. Instead, it is more visually interactive because the details are shown in three dimensions, making the experience more realistic. In today’s generation, it has become more popular than the basic flat-surface representations in 2D games.

A different technology is used to create games in 3D. Thus, these kinds of games are more costly. The animation and special effects are illustrated in detail. This is what catches the attention of most players – to have the best gaming experience possible.

Getting Started: PC or Laptop?

The best value for gaming experience does not only come with that game you wish to purchase but also the PC or consoles to be used. PCs are still the normal go-to of players who are into 3D games. Nowadays, PC gaming is still cheaper as compared to using consoles.

For a normal desktop computer, the processor is still a big consideration, especially if you intend to upgrade for gaming purposes. Converting it to fit 3D requirements requires more performance. Therefore, the larger RAM capacity there is, then the better. 8G RAM would be a great start.

If using a laptop, select those that have a decent 3D signal. You can ask for in-store recommendations for the choice of brands and the specifications for gaming. There are laptops now that can compete with the portability of PC for 3D games.

Graphics and Display

There are several companies offering graphics cards for 3D gaming. Again, the best-value price is the one that is fit for your personal requirements and is justifiable in terms of cost. It is highly recommended to seek professional assistance in installing graphics. Given that, a desktop computer is still an easier option to switch to 3D. At the same time, it is cheaper.

The quality of the screen or monitor to be used is also a consideration. That is, if it is good enough then there is not much worry that it will look as realistic as expected. There are 3D monitors available on the markets, but two separate components can also be bought. It is a little cheaper to obtain both the glass and monitor, with a little extra task of putting them together.

Selecting the Game

There are so many software options to choose from. You may opt to try the mainstream games first, and those with high ratings and good feedback. You may opt to review game storylines that may pique your interest. Some of the games that went big considering the graphics are the following:

The Witcher



Batman Arkham Knight

Call of Duty

Assassin’s Creed

Project Cars

Grand Theft Auto

The Catch 

3D gaming is indeed very tempting - considering its affordability and the upgrades to be undertaken. Spending for delightful PC gaming has its perks. For your leisure and entertainment, investing in it will give a better and more realistic experience. Since you are gonna spend on gaming, do spend on what you think is best for your needs and for the value of your money. Always do check for cheaper alternatives, but do not compromise your gaming standards. Happy 3D playing!

Tips For The Best 3D Images to Post on Social Media


Over 50% of the population is browsing social media like instagram followers und likes kaufen before making a purchase. Thus, beautiful images can help capture customers' attention, which may boost one's business.

With the millions of images being uploaded online in a day, how can you get the public to view your photos? Using 3D images may be the best step to increase your market presence and sales. Social media for business has indeed become the latest trend among entrepreneurs.

Here are some tips we have collated to help you learn more about how to create breathtaking 3D images:

Capturing 3D Images

Capturing a photo in Portrait mode allows the phone to store a depth map of the image. This is made possible by the camera taking separate images of both the background and foreground.

Uploading the captured image as 3D lets the viewers scroll or tilt their phones to change the viewpoint, thus giving it the 3D effect. These are stationary rather than panoramas. They are also eye-catching, thus making people stop their scrolling.

Bear in mind that you would need an iPhone that has its portrait mode already enabled.

Making Computer-Generated 3D Photos

Making computer-generated 3D photos would require powerful software. They are reproduced through what they call rendering. The software would show a 3D version of the expected final product. These images can be shown to potential buyers to close a sale.

However, make sure that you obtain the highest quality images. Otherwise, bad quality will look unpleasant. You can even turn pictures of a short video or GIF to share on social media sites.

Becoming Familiar With Your Photography Tools

Take time to learn how to use your camera and other photography applications to give you the best 3D image. Read, watch videos, let a professional train you, and research.

Choosing the Right Type of Photos to Post

Picking the correct kind of images to post online is crucial in boosting the profile of your business. It helps gather the online presence and followers you need to make a name in public.

Excellent and high-quality images often imply more followers and likes, thus leading to more shares on social media networking sites. Social media for business is now the new norm.

Getting the Most Out of Your Images

Maximize the use of the 3D images you made by posting them on several social networking sites, namely on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and the like.

Show off previews of the photos to entice the public and build excitement. Then, post the full image. Your social media account, specifically your Instagram, can become your visual collection or portfolio for clients and investors. It can also help gather many followers.

Maximize the use of hashtags and think of a striking caption. You can even add 3D videos and images of 3D models to Facebook. Since 68% of American grownups are on Facebook nowadays.

Final Words

Building an online presence through the use of high-quality 3D images may genuinely help you by boosting the number of your online followers. These beautiful and attention-grabbing photos will surely help in making your business the talk of the town. Just use the perfect hashtag, and you are good to go!

The Top Free Fortnite Props to 3D Print

Fortnite-Props to-3D-Print

Like any other online game, Fortnite and today's item shop has taken its toll in the online gaming community.  How Fortnite did became so popular in the online game world? The main reason why it became so booming is the fact that it is offered free to play. In this game, players don’t need to spend money to battle against other players. Moreover, Fortnite players became so addicted to the game because it can be played on multiple platforms such as Xbox and PlayStation.

Epic Games has launched this game and it became a major hit among online gamers. Below you will see the list of Fortnite props that you can print at home for free:

Battle Bus by Rob Pauza. This aerial vehicle that lets you travel to the battle area can be printed for free in the convenience of your own homes. With its cool and straightforward design, printing in most printers will never be a problem. Print and ride on! Always remember to thank the bus driver.

Russell Smith’s Fortnite Door Sign. What is more annoying than being disturbed while playing Fortnite? This cool door sign that says, "Do not enter. Fortnite in Progress" will give hint that you shouldn't be interrupted while on a battle. You can print it with the default color but you can also personalize by choosing your colors before printing.

Boogie Bomb Created by RayGunProject. One of the coolest props that you can print is this deadly Fortnite weapon. However, by pulling the grenade’s safety pin you will find yourself dancing to boogie. This Boogie Bomb prop that you can print easily with or without the electronics. You can check the creator’s Youtube video to help you assemble this 3D prop.

Love Ranger by Fotis Mint. Although on Fortnite: Battle Royal the Love Ranger skin can be bought for 2,000 V-Bucks, this prop was created to be printed for free. Available in two STL full-figure sizes, you may need braces for the arms and head. You can have the legendary Love Ranger outfit by getting it on MyMinifactory.

Treasure Chest by Blecheimer. Surprise a Fortnite fan with this cool, mini treasure chest or you can also hide your riches in this prop that you can print for free. It can be printed in many different parts but if constructed properly, the cover should work well. You can put in your personal touch by painting it or by changing its size.

High Stakes Wild Card Mask. It might be a Halloween celebration or simply a costume party, you can always wear something cool from Fortnite. Decide on a card and print out this High Stakes Wild Card mask. It is even cooler since you can print the adult version and another designed for children. With band holes on the side, you can easily adjust to your preference.

Fortnite’s Medi Kit Box. A box that is full of the things that restore your strength and spirit. This medicine kit box can be printed with supports and you can paint it by hand for a personal touch. This prop is ideal gifts to someone who loves Fortnite or you can keep it for yourself.

Beginners’ Guide to Birding: What Gear Do You Really Need?


Since birds can be found literally everywhere, watching birds is one way of connecting with nature every day. But you might be thinking about the expensive equipment you will need for this hobby. Don’t worry; anyone can actually start birding with simple and inexpensive equipment. Some gear can even be found at home, so you don’t really need to go to a shop and spend a lot of money for you to start birding. Here is a guide on what gear you need for you to enjoy birding and nature, as well.

What is Birding

You might be wondering what is birding and how is it done. To answer your question, birding is a wildlife observation activity where you observe birds as a recreational activity or for science purposes. It can be done by observing with the naked eye or through the use of certain devices such as binoculars and telescopes. The latter is designed to give you an even clearer view of the birds from a distance, though they will involve a bit of an investment.

Birding also includes listening for bird sounds.

Birding Gears for Beginners

Birding does not really need you to have expensive and sophisticated bird watching equipment. Chances are you already have all the equipment you’ll ever need. If you have a smartphone, a pen, and a notebook, then, you are ready to get started!

To begin, you have to step outside, talk a walk around your village and find a place where you think is a good spot for observing birds. A good spot can be a quiet and less crowded place. When you start looking for birds, you will probably only detect them when they move. As you keep on observing, you might be able to notice some significant bird features such as the size, color, shape, and the sounds they make.

There are free mobile apps available in your phone’s app store that can help you identify the different kinds of birds. You might not be able to perfectly distinguish the kinds of birds at first, but it is okay; you can still list in your notebook the list of birds you think you saw.

Before going outside, you can also list a few questions in your notebook and try to observe so that you will be able to answer those questions during or after your birding activity. Some questions can be the following. You can also add a few questions that you want to answer during your activity.

  • What are the different bird species that I have seen?
  • How many birds was I able to see and observe?
  • What are the different bird sounds I was able to hear? Are they all the same or are they different? In what way?

Start Your Birding Hobby Now!

Whether you’re finding a way to connect with nature or just finding a new fun hobby, birding is for everyone! All you need to do is step outside and enjoy the sight of birds freely flying in the skies.

Managing Remotely of 3D Printers Through VPNs


In today’s industry, the faster concepts of providing torguard specials are translated into products, the higher the chances of being ahead in the market. This has now been possible through 3D Printers. These printers are so useful in the manufacturing process, specifically in the prototyping stage, wherein the industrial process cannot move on without them.

3D printers are not cheap though. For problems with strategies applying to fast client interaction and fluid communication within company departments, remote management can be the solution needed. It can only be safely possible through the usage of Virtual Private Networks or VPNs.

What Is A 3D Printer?

A 3D printer is a device capable of producing solid products mostly made out of plastic in resin form. The products’ appearances are derived from the software’s designs.

Printing a product can last for hours, depending on how complicated and large the design is. 3D printing is mostly used for prototyping so that design scrutiny and analysis of the product’s functions are made before going fully operational on manufacturing.

What Is A VPN?

A VPN is a network tunnel with a purpose to connect devices through the internet in an exclusive manner. It means that the connection undergoes a route where outsiders have no chance of accessing. This has been used by many companies for a safe connection, especially where the information is confidential.

How To Access 3D Printers Remotely Through VPN?

Setting up VPN connections can vary from one device to another, but the overall process flow is the same. Here is how a remote device accesses a 3D printer via VPN:

  1. Connect your device through the VPN server the manufacturing company has paid for.
  2. From the VPN server, you can access to the company’s main server (assuming it is already connected to the internet).
  3. The 3D printer must be in a local connection with the company’s main server (usually found in the same location).

To summarize, you use the VPN network to access indirectly the 3D printer through the company’s server. For a small-scale industry, the 3D printer is connected to the company’s router or has a dedicated CPU unit.

What Are The Benefits Of Having A VPN For Remote Management?

There are many benefits if you employ a VPN for remote management on your 3D printers. Here are the following:

  • Remote activation of 3D printing by anyone with authorization
  • Safekeeping of records of the models being printed for future references
  • Sharing of printers’ availability whenever a certain 3D printer is in use and the service is urgently needed
  • Global access to the printers’ capabilities from any country with internet access
  • Data control and access checking by management and experts in order to monitor any anomalies
  • Remote configuration of 3D printers’ settings to suit the client’s needs and design changes
  • Merging of hardware’s capability and increasing services and business opportunities to other companies who lack printing capability

What Does A Secured VPN Looks Like?

Using VPNs is guaranteed more secure than a regular internet connection. If you are still skeptical, then here are the following situations that prove its effectiveness.

  • VPN uses a fake IP address for anonymous users, and therefore reducing tracking by any outside interception if happens to push through.
  • VPN secures a connection wherein it is entirely hacker-proof under normal circumstances.
  • VPN can let you manage the 3D printers quickly, without any internet traffic. Adjusting settings and other parameters can be conveniently done.
  • VPN’s security can be shared by other printers belonging to the network. Secured access and ease of transition are comfortably done.

These are some of what a VPN can do to enhance security on your data network.


Using VPNs for remotely managing 3D printers are very convenient for a manufacturing company. However, expert personnel must be employed to avoid any data breach and any malfunctions in the exchange of information and instructions. The wider the scope of operations, the more secure the company’s connection must be.

Fashion Design Modeling -- 3D Style


Fashion Trends already evolve nowadays. With the use of the advancement of technology, they were able to enhance and emphasize the beauty of custom t-shirts and contribute a lot in fashion.

Seeing 3D styles for fashion designs modeling will give you a blast. Thinking of how artistic the ideas were and how it is being made and how they used lines and colors for it to become more attractive only prove that fashion is not just about styling.

For techniques on how to associate your subject into something new and if would love to add and incorporate 3D styles for your models, then these tips might be helpful and useful to enhance your styles, models, and design.

Visualize the Outputs

First things first, you'll have to come up with the outcome. What is the end product you would want to see and what part you would like to enhance? This will be your focus for the entire project. You must be skilful on how to use lines, shades, colors, and even the best angles of your subject. Taking pictures from different angles will broaden your idea of how to elevate the beauty of your subject.

Tools and Equipment

The application of technology will be useful in this part. The best software and hardware can contribute a lot to your desired outcome. Tools you will be using will help you execute the ideas in your head.

Pattern Making

There are guides in making three-dimensional surface or object. For some, they use lines and colors to make an illusion that they are showing 3D designs models.

In representation, all 3D models have two categories – solid and boundary. Solid models are the actual objects. This is more realistic but challenging to build. The boundary models usually represent the surface, not the volume. This is much easier to make. By using this information, you will have an idea of where and on how to start your designs.

Graphics Making

Let technology and your ideas work together. For beginners, you may consider Google SketchUp. There are available videos online for tutorials. In graphics making, a powerful editor is your weapon to make your design realistic, and this is the most important part.

Let's now visualize and understand how these things work. In fashion, clothes or t-shirts are being paired with expensive pieces of jewelery. In this industry, jewelery is used to supplement the style, and it elevates the dress to the next level.

But practically speaking, people, especially women, cannot go with this pace because jewelery is expensive. So, instead of jewelery, they enhance the details of the dress to make it simple but still elegant and fashionable.

So here is how you can apply 3D styles in your dress:

Print your desirable design.

  • Choose the part where you want the dress to be enhanced.
  • Make a sketch and import it to any 3D modelling software available on your PC. If you don't have one yet, then get one.
  • Create a pattern out of it and visualize the desired outcome.
  • Print the pattern and start making a solid form of it.
  • Sew it on your dress.

Now that you have finally seen the outcome of your design, you can now add more details to elevate the beauty of your 3D model. Don't hesitate to experiment and it will surely help.

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